This site will not sell, give or trade your email or personal information to a third party. This site does not receive any information about your credit card information processed securely through Paypal.

All information shared is confidential and can only be released with your written permission or may be requested by the courts. By law any citizen, including helping professionals, have a duty to report situations of child protection. Local child welfare authorities would have to be notified in cases where a child is in need or protection or where there is a likelihood of needing protection.

It is important to remember there may be limits to privacy with any e-mail sent through the internet or through the use of teleconferencing. The internet can be subject to errors occurring within computer systems, computer hacking, human error and networks resulting in e-mails going astray accidentally. Privacy in transit in any form of communication over the internet cannot be guaranteed.

The video conferencing telehealth program being used is called Doxy.me, and the security protocols it follows are described by it to be compliant with the security and privacy requirements of the healthcare industry. Please take some time and read up on this platform’s security descriptions.


It is not advisable to send e-mails from a computer that is designated for work. A work computer is clearly not strictly confidential. Even on a home computer, other family or friends might have access to your files. Communication on the internet has the potential to be insecure. Laptops and cell phones can easily be lost or stolen. You need to take your own precautions on your personal computer and phone to ensure confidentiality of your private e-mail as this may be the most likely danger of breaches of privacy. You need to evaluate your own privacy situation with your computer records and may want to print files and delete them off your computer.

This site is not able to respond to crises such as child protection, trauma, domestic violence or sexual assault. This site is unable to respond to your needs if you feel suicidal or homicidal. E-mail counseling would be insufficient for all these types of crises.

E-therapy is not suitable for you if you suffer from a serious mental health disorder such as schizophrenia, manic-depression, PTSD or dissociation. These disorders require local face to face mental health assessment and treatment. E-mailtherapy.com does not provide assessment, diagnosis or treatment of psychiatric conditions. E-therapy is not intensive psychotherapy and is not intended to substitute for mental health therapy and will not address any issues related to medication. Medication needs to be managed by your family doctor or psychiatrist.

In situations where trauma has occurred, a full mental health assessment or intensive therapy is needed. At times of a mental health crisis, you need face to face crisis intervention with a local mental health professional. If you feel distress to the point of harming yourself or others, you need to tell someone right away. Contact your local crisis line, ambulance, family doctor or hospital emergency department immediately.

When you engage in e-therapy or telehealth on this site, then for all intents and purposes it is as if you are a client in my office in Vancouver, British Columbia.